Resources available for offline use

If you're looking to take your learning "offline", see below for what features and resources in Transparent Language Online you can use when you're disconnected!

Mobile apps

Mobile apps with varying offline capabilities for iOS and Android devices are available for users in areas where intermittent or limited Internet bandwidth might affect use.  

Offline features will vary by mobile app. See below for a list of what features are available for offline use within the Transparent Language mobile apps.

Note: All mobile apps will require an Internet connection to download content for later use offline. Mobile apps require an active account/subscription through a subscribing organization or individual subscription to activate.

Android: Transparent Language (Online)

iOS: Transparent Language (Online)

  • Content from the "Learn" and "Browse" screens can be downloaded for offline use
  • Learned Vocab refresh
  • Hands-free autoplay (audio-only lessons)

iOS only: Transparent Language (Offline)

  • Various features within the "Learn" section, including the Learning path, courses/lessons, alphabet, and classes (if available)
  • Learned Vocab refresh
  • Practice

Downloadable workbooks

Depending on the course you are learning, you may find companion workbooks. These workbooks can be downloaded and printed or saved as a PDF.

For more information about downloading companion workbooks, see this article.

Lesson Vocabulary

If you want to download a PDF list of the vocabulary words and phrases in a particular lesson that you are working on, you can click the menu icon to open the navigation menu. 

If the print and save button appears in the upper part of the menu, click it to view the vocab items from this lesson in a PDF, which you can save or print if you choose.