Login Problems

This page will help you resolve common login issues

  1. Are you accessing Transparent Language Online Using the correct URL?
    • Account activation links only work once. Make sure you are not trying to login using an expired activation link as seen below
    • trial-activation
    • If you registered for a trial or have a personal subscription, your login page is likely located here: https://education.transparent.com/mylearning/game/ng/#/login 
    • Do you have an account through a school or library? You should have received directions for logging in from your organization. You may have to access Transparent Language by logging into your school or library's website, then clicking a link found on their webpage

  2. Are you receiving an Incorrect Password message?
    • If you don't know your password, simply click the 'Forgot Username or Password?' link beneath text fields on login page
    • forgot-username-or-password
    • The next page allows you to receive a password reset link in your email inbox
    • forgot-username-or-password2
    • Click the link contained within password reset email and you will be logged into your account and brought to this page
    • forgot-password-page1
    • Submit a new password and click SAVE CHANGES to finally login successfully

  3. Forgotten your username?
    1. If you have forgotten your username, please proceed through the steps described above for forgotten password. When you receive the password reset email, your username will be included
    2. pass-reset-email1

  4. Do you see an Expired Account page upon login?
    • accnt-expired1
    • If you purchased a subscription through transparent.com, you will need to buy a new subscription to reactivate your account.
    • If your subscription was NOT purchased on transparent.com, you likely have a subscription through one of our resellers. 

  5. Having trouble logging into the iOS or Android webapp?


If you still require login assistance, contact as and we can take a look: support@transparent.com