Deleting Transparent Language account and personal data

This article guides you through deleting your Transparent Language account and personal data from our system

Steps for deleting personal information from Transparent Language:

  1. Login with your normal username and password
    1. delete1
  2. Click the 'profile' icon within top-right of main navigation bar
  3. A new drop-down menu will appear
  4. Click the 'Profile' option
    1. delete2
  5. A new page will be displayed, click the 'User Profile' button
    1. delete3
  6. After User Profile page loads, scroll down page until you see the 'Forget me' text
    1. delete4
  7. Click the Forget me text and you will see a new page
    1. delete5
  8. Read the text and verify that you do want to permanently delete your learning progress and information from our system
  9. Mark checkbox and click the 'Forget Me' button
  10. You will be logged out and shown the login page

Recheck the bullet points at top of page to verify that your information from each part of the system will be deleted.