Why do I have to activate BYKI Deluxe on each startup of the program?

Some of the previous versions of BYKI have a conflict with certain Registry Cleaning software (it may also occur with other situations such as system restores). The newest version does address this issue and is available. If you have your original BYKI installer still you may be able to fix this yourself. .

Have original BYKI installer and Activation Code:

Uninstall your BYKI 4 Deluxe software (Keep your user data when prompted).
Uninstall your Registry Cleaner software (if applicable).
Re-install BYKI 4 Deluxe and activate it.
Update BYKI Deluxe. In BYKI Deluxe go to Help -> Check for Application Updates.
Re-install Registry Cleaning Software.

Many users will not have their original BYKI installer or Activation Code. We are still able to assist you in this case.

Do not have original BYKI installer and/or Activation Code:

Contact Transparent Language Technical Support by email: support@transparent.com
Please include any order information that you have available in your email as this will allow us to assist you faster.