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What is Transparent Connect?

Transparent Connect combines technology and personal instruction to deliver a complete learning experience. All of our courses and course material are delivered online, so you can access them no matter where you are located. Transparent Connect offers two different types of courses: Transparent Connect Tutoring and Transparent Connect Capstone. Best of all, our courses are available for language learners of all levels, from novice to advanced.

What is Transparent Connect Online Language Tutoring?

Transparent Connect Online Language Tutoring gives you access to 90 minutes of interaction with real, live instructors. The actual lessons and content will differ depending on your personal goals and current proficiency, but usually incorporate learning activities such as vocabulary building, pronunciation practice, conversation practice, culture familiarization, and more.

What is Transparent Connect Capstone?

The Transparent Connectâ„¢ Capstone course is a highly individualized 12-week online course that combines customized asynchronous learning events with a 1-hour weekly virtual class. Utilizing Transparent Language's proven DABL methodology, this program is suited for individuals seeking a rigorous, one-on-one language course.


To find more information, go here:  https://www.transparent.com/personal/connect/