Using the Practice Panel to Refresh Stale items

The "Practice" panel on your Transparent Language Online or CL-150 dashboard is a tool that allows you to focus on certain communication skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, or writing.

Practice panel
You will need to refresh your "stale" learned vocab from time to time to turn it "fresh" again. You can use the activities in the Practice panel to refresh stale vocab, but the amount of times you need to complete a particular activity in Practice mode may vary. See the chart below for more information. 
Activity Times to Refresh
Produce & Say It 2
Produce & Write it 2
Recognize & Say it 5
Recognize & Write it 3
Pronunciation 8
Unscramble 8
Multiple Choice 8
Four Square 8
Matching 8
Listen Recognition 3
Audio Multiple Choice 5