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Transparent Create Beta Terms

By signing up for the Transparent Create beta, you agree to the following terms.

  1. Eligibility: To participate in the beta, you must be a current language teacher or independent language tutor evaluating the tool for your personal use or for use on behalf of your school. Transparent Language can revoke your beta account at any time if we feel you do not meet this criteria.
  2. Participation requirements: Participation in the beta is voluntary. In exchange for 60 days free access to Transparent Create, we will ask you for feedback in the form of online surveys, virtual interviews, and video testimonials. We can revoke your beta account at any time if you are not an active user willing to provide feedback.
  3. Continued access: A beta account is valid for 60 days. We hope to make a paid subscription available at the end of the beta. If you purchase a paid subscription to Transparent Create, we will make every effort to ensure you can continue using your current account and access lessons created during the beta, but continued access is not guaranteed.
  4. Content ownership: Lessons created during the beta will no longer be accessible unless you purchase a paid subscription. However, Transparent Language will not re-use or share your lessons without your explicit consent.