Transparent Connect: Capstone Course Policies

Below you will find the cancellation and rescheduling policies for Transparent Connect Capstone Courses


Using the following tutoring policies will ensure a smooth launch and redemption of Capstone classes:


  • If the student gives at least a 24-hour cancellation notice to the instructor no class time will be deducted.
  • The instructor should wait 10 minutes for the student (during that wait time the instructor should work on tasks) and follow up with an email.
  • After the 10-minute wait time is over the student is considered a no-show. The entire class time will be deducted and a class reschedule will not be permitted.


  • A class that gets rescheduled from either side (student or instructor) should ideally be done 24 hours before class. However, if someone gets sick last minute or has an emergency, exceptions can be made. But both parties have to respond and agree to reschedule the class.
  • The amount of rescheduling classes should not be more than 3 times during the course duration.

Tech Issues

  • Due to tech issues (such as power outages, device-related issues, etc.) that might arise at the beginning or during a class (on either the student’s or instructor’s side) exceptions can be made. If the issues can be resolved within less than 10 minutes the lost time should be added at the end of the class. If the issues don’t get resolved within 10 minutes the class should be rescheduled. The lost time plus the remainder of the class time should be given in the rescheduled class.

Course Pause

  • If a student asks for a course pause it should only be granted due to an emergency or work schedule. The length of a course pause should not exceed 4 weeks and a pause can only be requested once during the course duration.


  • Purchases of Transparent Connect Live Instruction may be refunded 100% of the course fee within 5 calendar days after the first live class. A 50% refund of the course fee will be given within 5 calendar days after the second live class. After the third live class, there is no refund.