Training resources for librarians

Transparent Language provides a variety of training materials and resources for librarians, aimed at keeping you fresh on various aspects of our program. More information about the available resources can be found below.

Overview videos:

A playlist of short videos explaining different activities and features related to Transparent Language Online can be viewed at


Training webinars for librarians are available both live and recorded. These webinars are aimed at keeping librarians fresh on various aspects of Transparent Language Online. 

Marketing kit:

A variety of digital, downloadable materials materials are available online for you to download at

Please feel free to download and use any of these materials as you see fit on your website, social media pages, etc. (If you have other ideas, please email us and let us know; the idea for these promotional pieces came from librarians just like you.)

Social media guide:

A guide for "Making Social Media Work for Your Library" can be downloaded from our website at

This guide includes some great tips and tricks to promote all of your resources in your library, not just Transparent Language Online!

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If you have questions about available training resources, please reach out to Lauren at lgancarz[at]