Transparent Language Online: Subscription costs

We offer subscriptions to Transparent Language Online for individuals, libraries, schools, universities, businesses, and homeschool educators.

For Individuals

The cost of a subscription to Transparent Language Online for individuals is different, depending on the option(s) you choose:

  Monthly Yearly
One Language $24.95 $149.95
All Languages $49.95 $249.95

To find more information, and purchase a subscription for personal use, visit

Many public libraries in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada subscribe to Transparent Language Online, which would allow you to get free access for as long as the library subscribes. You can check to see if your local public library subscribes by visiting our library search.

For Libraries

Subscriptions to Transparent Language Online for Libraries are available for both public and academic libraries. For more information, visit

For Education

K-12 schools can leverage Transparent Language Online to expand their language offerings, flip their language classrooms, or provide language learning materials in their computer labs. Visit for more information.

Higher education colleges and universities can use Transparent Language Online in class and around campus to enhance and expand their language programs. Visit for more information.

Homeschool educators can connect learners with the world from home using comprehensive language courses designed for independent study. For pricing and more information about what is included with a homeschool subscription, visit

  • FAQ: How is the homeschool content different than what I can access through a Transparent Language Online account via a subscribing local public library?
    If you purchase a homeschool subscription, you will have access to a Parent Account for class administration and reporting tools, whereas if you access through a subscribing library's Transparent Language Online account, you will not receive a Parent Account. Content purchased through our homeschool subscription is only available in French, Spanish, and Latin at this time. If your local public library subscribes to Transparent Language Online, you will find the same homeschool course content available through your library. You can check to see if your local public library subscribes by visiting our library search.

For Businesses

For more information about Transparent Language Online for businesses, state and local government agencies, non-profits, and more, visit