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Transparent Language Online comes stocked with Spanish courses for learners of all ages—and supporting documents to help you implement them!

To get you started and see what content might be right for you, we've built this helpful overview guide to our Spanish K-12 curriculum (though our content goes beyond that!). Some of our Spanish courses also include Scope and Sequence documents and Instructor Handbooks, which you can find links to below. Don't forget to check out our Spanish language blog for useful articles to share in class!

Spanish courses in Transparent Language Online with Scope and Sequence documents and/or Instructor Handbooks:

Elementary Vocabulary courses are specifically designed for learners in grades 3-5, covering things kids actually talk about, like meeting friends, school supplies, and birthday parties. Includes printable workbooks for students. This 3-level course requires approximately 75 hours of independent study. Each level of the course contains around 25 vocabulary lessons, each teaching 10-15 vocabulary words or phrases (around 950 total).
Teen Voices was created for middle school and high school language learners. This 3-level course focuses on the everyday lives of Spanish-speaking teens dealing with typical school days, chores and responsibilities, events, etc. On average, each level represents approximately 1-1.5 years of study (25 hours), depending on the learner's or class’s schedule.
  • Instructor Packet
  • Level 1 of Teen Voices: Scope and Sequence
    This level teaches 700 useful words and phrases and extends to mastery of the simple present tense for many common regular and irregular verbs, as well as formal/informal language, and construct basic sentences. After completing this course, learners will be able to give basic information about who they are and what they like to do. It contains 7 units, each with a realistic conversation and reading passage.
    Intended for: ACTFL Novice Low, CEFR A1
  • Level 2 of Teen Voices: Scope and Sequence
    Picks up where Level 1 leaves off. Learners will gain competency in speaking about basic personal information, on topics such as family, school, and food, and they also are exposed to more social contexts and cultural information about Spanish-speaking areas. Learners begin to combine their lexical knowledge with intermediate grammatical concepts, such as the imperfect and past perfect tenses for important verbs.
    Intended for: ACTFL Novice Mid, CEFR A2

  • Level 3 of Teen Voices: Scope and Sequence
    Continues where Level 2 leaves off. Learners get to explore topics outside the home and school as they learn to communicate with their peers, adults, and groups of people when shopping, giving directions, and teaching others how to do something. Level 3 dives into important grammatical concepts and structures as well, such as mastering reflexive and reciprocal verbs in the past and present tense, using direct/indirect object pronouns, and remembering irregular past participles.
    Intended for: ACTFL Novice High, CEFR B1

The Essentials course is designed as a quick and useful starting point for beginner learners who
are looking to use the new language while traveling. It will equip them with the most frequently
used words and phrases connected to scenarios they will find themselves in while traveling in-country. The course is meant for young adult or adult learners. The course contains over 450 words and phrases organized into 11 units of three lessons each. Each unit is equivalent to approximately 2 learning hours, totaling 20-25 hours of learning material. 
Intended for: ACTFL Novice Low - Novice Mid, ILR 0-1, CEFR A1, A2

Other Spanish content in Transparent Language Online includes:

  • KidSpeak (not available with all subscriptions): Kidspeak is the ideal first step to learning a language as a young child with limited or no reading and writing skills in any language. It’s an engaging immersion style product that uses animation combined with over 40 interactive activities to help learn the alphabet and simple words and phrases suitable for their age and interests. 3 levels of difficulty are included. KidSpeak is ideal for learners in grades K-2.
  • Welcome lesson
  • Alphabet course
  • Conversations courses: These courses help learners advance their language skills by presenting realistic conversations and helping learners to interact with them in various engaging activities. Each conversation features native speaker audio.
    • Beginner Conversations course: This beginner-level course is designed to introduce learners to the most useful and frequent words and phrases and eases them into the grammar patterns of a new language. Learners will be able to talk about themselves and ask others about themselves, ask for things they need, say where they're from, and navigate a new city or country. This course contains 40 original conversations and custom grammar activities, as well as 600 vocabulary items. This course takes approximately 60 hours to complete. Intended for: ACTFL Novice Low - Novice Mid, ILR 0-1, CEFR A1, A2
    • Intermediate Video Conversations course: This course is designed around real-life situation videos with topics like buying something at a hardware store, making a trip reservation, exchanging money, and eating at a local restaurant. The videos are recorded in Colombia and are spoken at normal speed with "real" Spanish expressions, perfect for better comprehension. Each unit is based around a video and is broken down into manageable lessons that focus on a portion of the video. The course is comprised of 5 units, 18 lessons, and 200 new vocabulary phrases, and will take about 12 hours to complete. Intended for: ACTFL Intermediate Low, Intermediate Mid, ILR 1+, CEFR B1
  • Quick Start vocabulary
  • General vocabulary: The supplemental General Vocabulary series is a set of vocabulary lessons designed to help beginner- to intermediate-level learners build and sustain a robust and functional vocabulary of words and phrases. The lessons are a fun, easy, and quick way to get started learning or build on existing skills. These paired language lessons use the learner’s native or known language to support the instruction in the target language. Each collection is organized into themed sets and the total learning material in the General Vocabulary series is approximately 70 hours.

    Each vocabulary lesson contains 8 engaging and increasingly challenging activities that lead towards mastery of the words, phrases, and expressions a person needs to know to understand and convey the basics for survival and to participate in typical, everyday interactions. In addition, each lesson includes an assessment to verify that the material has been learned. Transparent Language Online also provides a set of activities specifically designed to drive vocabulary acquisition and retention, including the EveryVoice™ pronunciation practice and speech driven activities. Intended for: ACTFL Novice Low – Intermediate High, ILR 0 -1+, CEFR A1-B1
  • Business vocabulary
  • Medical vocabulary
  • Grammar resources
  • Language learning tips/fundamentals
  • And more being added each year!

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