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Sharing direct links to lessons

Learners can quickly and easily share links to lessons with other learners accessing Transparent Language Online through the same organization.

If a learner finds a lesson that they think another learner might enjoy, they can share a link to that lesson via email, instant message, or any other method. The recipient of the link must be a user who is registered or eligible to register with the same library or organization as the sender of the link.

If the user receiving the link is not logged in to Transparent Language Online, they will be prompted to sign in or create an account before accessing the lesson sent to them.

To share a link to a lesson with another user, click Show More Options then click GET SHAREABLE LINK. You can copy the link to the Clipboard, then paste it in another program to send it to someone else. Consult Sharing Links to Lessons for details. (This option will not be available for all lessons.)