Setting up the CL-150 mobile app

Note: you must create a CL-150 account on desktop or your mobile browser before you can log in to the app. You can sign up for a CL-150 account here. To create an account, you will need the authorization code for your organization, typically provided to you by your program manager.

Download the CL-150 App from the Google Play Store or the Apple app store.

Log in to the app using the QR code or sync password from your CL-150 account. Watch this quick tutorial video to see the process in action.

Note: Starting in August 2023, you will be able to sign in with your CL-150 username and password just as you would do in the desktop version. You will no longer need a QR code or sync password.


For more help, visit the CL-150 Training Kit, where you can explore self-guided training materials and request a live orientation session for your group. Or you can reach out to us directly at