Sending messages in Transparent Language Online

From the teacher’s dashboard, you can send messages to a class about which lists and/or assignments they should be working on - or anything else you want them to know!

You can easily compose and send a message to your class with just a few easy steps. These messages will be available from the Classes screen in Transparent Language Online.

To send messages to your students:

  1. Select a class in the My Classes section.
  2. Click on the Messages tab.
    Messages Tab
  3. Click New Message.
    Messages Tab - Copy
  4. Type a subject for your message in the Subject field. This field is required.
  5. Type your message in the Compose New Message box. Messages must be between 3 and 2048 characters long.
    New Class Message
  6. Click Send.
  7. If you later need to modify a message, click Modify beside that message. To delete a message, click Delete.