Refresher Course Policies

All Listening and Reading Refresher Courses and Speaking and Listening Refresher Courses are subject to the following terms.

  1. Student eligibility:
    1. Age and Employment: All students must be 18+ years old and a US Government employee to enroll in a refresher course. Students who do not meet these requirements will be removed from the course and refunded to the original form of payment.
    2. Proficiency: Students must have sufficient proficiency to participate in the course, as determined by our instructors; for example, a student enrolling in an ILR 3 Reading and Listening Refresher Course must be able to work comfortably with ILR 3 texts and audio sources. If an instructor determines a student does not have sufficient proficiency, the student will be offered to transfer to another course if available or will receive a full refund to the original form of payment.
  2. Cancellations and refunds: A student's spot in a course is held as soon as the student makes the payment. Students may cancel their spot in a course for a refund subject to the following timeline:
    21+ days prior to course start date: 100% refund
    14-20 days prior to course start date: 50% refund
    Less than 14 days prior to course start date: no refunds

    To cancel your spot in a course, please reach out to with your name and the name and dates of the course you purchased. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of our team confirming your cancellation.

  3. Tech requirements: Refresher courses are fully virtual. Learning materials are delivered in the CL-150 Platform. Students will be provided CL-150 account credentials if they do not already have one. Live sessions will be conducted in Webex. Students do not need a Webex account, but must have an internet connection strong enough to stream live video calls for several hours. Refunds will not be issued in the event of a student's poor internet connection. 

Last updated: January 10, 2023