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Products offered for iOS and/or Android devices

For iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) and Android mobile phones and tablets, Transparent Language offers different options to help you learn on the go.

Transparent Language Online

Transparent Language Online is accessible across multiple devices, automatically syncing learning progress across each platform. The program is fully mobile responsive, so the entire program can be accessed directly through a web browser on a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone) with full functionality of the web version. If accessing the website through a mobile device web browser, the program will automatically enhance the experience for the user and take them to the mobile version of the site.

You can try Transparent Language Online free for 14 days by signing up for a user account on our website.

Many public libraries offer Transparent Language Online to their communities. Try our library search to see if your library offers Transparent Language Online and then visit your library's website to sign up for a free account. 

Transparent Language mobile apps

For users with a Transparent Language Online subscription or account through a subscribing organization, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available free of charge.

You can locate information about downloading the companion mobile apps from within your Transparent Language Online account. Read this article for more information.

More information about these mobile apps is available on our website. Visit https://www.transparent.com/transparent-language-online/mobile.html for more information.

Byki Mobile

For users who are interested in purchasing a mobile app without a Transparent Language Online subscription, we offer our Byki mobile apps.

You can find more information about this app at https://www.transparent.com/mobile/.