November & December 2020 Updates

Below you will find a list of recent updates that took place to the Education, Library, and Government products, as well as mobile apps and reports.

Learning, Instructor, and Administrator applications

Dates of release
Library Edition: November 5, 2020
Education Edition: December 1, 2020
Government Edition: December 9, 2020

  • "Placement Test" is now available for new users to help them determine their level, suggest appropriate content, and allow users to add suggested content to their learning path. The "Placement Test" can be found in the "Browse" tab. (Note: Placement Test is not currently available for all languages.)
  • When a course or lesson is appropriate for any age level, it will display an "All Ages" tag in the "Browse" category.
  • Various updates to the Instructor Portal, including:
    • Cosmetic updates to the "Classes" page and various subpages
    • Cosmetic updates to the "Add Users" and "Create Users" modules
    • Updating styles for consistency between group and class messages
    • New "Subscriptions" tab to allow instructors to more easily subscribe to another instructor's class - when assignments are added to that other class, they will automatically be added to the subscriber's class.
    • Added the ability to specify order of appearance of class assignments and view the order of assignments as the students would see them in the "Student View" tab when viewing class assignments. 
    • Added ability to send messages to individual class users, or groups of users, rather than just the entire class
    • Cosmetic updates to the "Browse Lessons" capability to make finding and adding new assignments to a class easier and more efficient with expanded search functionality.
  • Various improvement to the Admin Portal, including:
    • Updated view when looking at a reporting group to allow admins to see the number of users in a specific reporting group
    • Classes are now created in the "View" tab instead of the "Create" tab
    • Added ability to bulk clone classes
    • When cloning classes, admins can choose to clone all messages too
    • All updates mentioned above pertaining to the Instructor Portal have been carried over to the Admin Portal

Transparent Language iOS and Android mobile applications

Dates of release
"Transparent Language Online" Android and iOS apps: December 9, 2020 (iOS), December 14, 2020 (Android)
"CL-150 (Latest Version)" iOS app: December 21, 2020
"CL-150" Android app: December 21, 2020

  • Added new Hands-Free Autoplay feature to the iOS and Android apps (specified above) that provides learners with a way to listen to audio-only versions of lessons. The new Hands- Free Autoplay mode:
    • Provides a hands-free and eyes-free experience for learning lessons on-the-go
    • Can be played with all lessons that have vocabulary words and phrases with learning-language (native speaker) audio
    • Can also be played with a learner’s learned vocab items
    • Works offline*, so you can listen even without an Internet connection
      *Android-only; coming to iOS in early 2021.


Dates of release
Library Edition: December 7, 2020
Government Edition: not yet released
Education Edition: December 10, 2020

  • A new configuration option is available for select reports on the Education, Government, and Library Editions of the Administrator Portal. Administrators may now see a "Reporting group membership for this report" section in the report configuration screen, allowing them to configure the report in one of two ways:
    • Current group members: This is used if you want the report to show information for all users who are currently part of the reporting group - even if they were not members of the group during the reporting period. Users who are no longer part of the group will be excluded, even if they were group members during the reporting period. 
    • Group members from reporting period: This is used if you want the report to show information for all users who were part of the reporting group at any time during the selected reporting period, even if they are no longer part of the group at the time when the report is run. It will exclude any current users who were not group members during that period.
  • The above mentioned configuration affects the following reports:
    • Language Usage Report 
    • User Report 
    • Instructor Activity Report
    • User Activity Summary Report
    • Summary Report (Education and Library Editions only)
    • Circulation Report (Education and Library Editions only)
    • KidSpeak Usage Report (Education and Library Editions only)
    • Program Manager Report (Education and Government Editions only)
    • Organization Summary Report (Government Edition only)
    • CLPM Summary Report (Government Edition only)
    • Journal Entry Report (Government Edition only)
    • Cohort Report (Government Edition only)