November, December (2021) and January (2022) Updates

Below you will find a list of recent updates that took place to the various Education, Library, and Government products, as well as mobile applications.

Transparent Language mobile applications

Dates of release

iOS "CL-150 (Limited OFL Version)" app: November 15, 2021
iOS "Transparent Language (Offline)" app: November 15, 2021
  • Various bug fixes, including:
    • Learning time could sometimes be over-reported
    • Refresh player would sometimes stop working after an item was refreshed
Android "Transparent Language Online" app: December 1, 2021
Android "CL-150" app: December 1, 2021
  • Support for social media sharing of the Year in Review feature:
    • Learners tapping the Twitter button on the Year in Review modal will see Android's native share sheet, where they can select Twitter, and the Twitter app will open with a precomposed tweet draft with their Year in Review stats
    • Learners tapping the "download image" link get the image of their Year in Review stats downloaded to their gallery, so they can manually share it to the social media platform of their choice


Dates of release
Library Edition: Monday, December 6, 2021
Education Edition: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Government Edition

  • Added support for Year in Review functionality
  • Optimized the User Report when running on large numbers of users
  • Changed report emailing to only send to the email registered to the account
  • Updated the color scheme of the reports dashboard to match the new dark blue color scheme
  • Other minor bug fixes

Learning and Instructor applications

Dates of release
Library Edition: December 2, 2021
Education Edition: December 13, 2021
Government Edition: Not applicable

  • Various updates the learning portal, including:
    • Support for new Year in Review functionality (note: Year in Review feature was visible to learners n the Education and Library system on December 13, 2021)
    • Bug fixing
  • Various updates to the Instructor Portal, including:
    • Ability for instructors to enroll in "Instructor Help Emails"

Lesson Authoring/LessonGin

Dates of release
Government Edition: January 8, 2022, January 24, 2022
Library Edition: December 28, 2021, January 18, 2022
Education Edition: December 29, 2021, January 18, 2022

  • Editorial versions of the Matching and Multiple Choice activities
  • Added Matching and Multiple Choice assessments
  • Support for multiple instances of most activities
  • Support for the following new assessment activities, including:
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Listening Comprehension
      • Table
      • Transform & Say It
      • Transform & Write It