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MARC Records for Transparent Language Online

To help increase discoverability of Transparent Language Online, a generic MARC record is available to integrate with your library’s online catalog.

A generic MARC record is available for Transparent Language Online for Libraries customers on demand and free of charge.

This record can be downloaded by clicking the link HERE.

Customizing records

This record should be edited and customized in the =856 URL field to include your individual library's specific Transparent Language Online URL/nickname in the base URL. 

This can be found by viewing your Transparent Language Online URL, which will look like this: https://library.transparent.com/<NICKNAME>/game/ng/#/login

Libraries are encouraged to perform further editing of 9XX fields on these records, if needed. Editing of 9XX fields is not provided by Transparent Language and must be done by your library.

If you have questions or feedback about these MARC records, please reach out to us at libraries@transparent.com