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Licensing Transparent Language Online for your school/institution

We offer three different licensing options for schools and institutions: seat licenses, campus-wide licenses, and bookstore purchases.

Seat Licenses

Seat licenses are perfect for K-12 schools supporting language-learning in their classrooms. This is also an ideal solution for Foreign Language Departments or Language Labs at colleges and universities. With seat licenses, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities can provide Transparent Language Online access to a select group of students and instructors.

Seat licenses to Transparent Connect online classes allow schools and universities with limited or no foreign language departments to offer online classes to students through professionally-trained instructors. Designed around the typical 40-week school year, schools can offer, instructor-led online courses to students both asynchronously and in real time.

Campus-wide licenses

Campus-wide licenses allow a college or university to offer Transparent Language Online to the entire campus community. Pricing for this option is based on FTE. Campus-wide licenses are generally made available through the school or university library or language resource center. Campus wide licenses are ideal for schools with:

  • a significant international studies focus
  • active study abroad programs
  • significant international student population
  • with high demand for English learning

Bookstore purchases

The bookstore model is an ideal choice for language departments with tight budgets or schools that prefer to limit access by class or term. Bookstores can make student access available for 1 semester, or a full year through packaged or digital downloadable subscription codes to meet the instructor's requirements, just like a textbook. Bookstores are provided with physical items, complete with UPC and ISBN numbers for inventory tracking. Optional instructor licenses may also be purchased separately for faculty who wish to organize students into classes, align lesson material to their curriculum, and run detailed student activity reports.

You can read more about each of these options and request more information by visiting:  https://www.transparent.com/education/how-to-buy.html