Renewing your Transparent Language Online for Libraries subscription

Below you will find information about renewing your library's subscription and accessing Transparent Language Online directly.

Effective April of 2021, renewals for Transparent Language Online will be handled and processed directly through Transparent Language, Inc. We are confident we can continue meeting your needs as we work together directly.

You can reach out to Lauren Gancarz (Marketing & Library Programs Manager, Transparent Language, Inc.) at or 603-262-6321 for more information about your subscription and to obtain renewal paperwork.

Information for libraries currently authenticating Transparent Language Online through RBdigital:

If your library currently authenticates/accesses Transparent Language Online via RBdigital, access through RBdigital will be discontinued on May 31, 2021. We can turn off the integration at any time before that date, when you are ready. Our goal is to make this transition from RBdigital access to direct Transparent Language Online access as smooth as possible for your library and your community.

To facilitate this transition, we will need to do two things to setup your direct access to Transparent Language Online:

  1. Your library will need to remove the link to RBdigital on your website and replace it with your direct Transparent Language Online URL.
  2. Add an authentication method to Transparent Language Online – we recommend barcode authentication, but we can also support URL referral and IP filtering. (We can assist you with this if you provide us with your preferred authentication method.)

What does this mean for your users?

  • Your existing Transparent Language Online users will use the same email address they used to access RBdigital, but they will need to do a “password reset” in Transparent Language Online to access their account.
  • For new users, after we setup the authentication method in Transparent Language Online and you add the link above to your library website, they will simply go to that link and click the “sign up” tab to create an account.

We will also be placing a notification on the login screen of Transparent Language Online to assist your users. Before we make any changes, I’d be more than happy to jump on a call with you to go over what needs to be done to facilitate this change.

Information for libraries already authenticating through Transparent Language Online directly:

If your community accesses and authenticates through Transparent Language directly, you will not notice any interruption in service. The only thing you will need to do is submit your renewal paperwork prior to your renewal to continue your subscription to Transparent Language Online.