Lesson Authoring - September 2020 Update

Below you will find information regarding a recent Lesson Authoring/LessonGin update.

Dates of release
Government Edition: September 28, 2020
Education Edition: January 27, 2021
Library Edition: January 25, 2021

  • The application has been redesigned to be consistent with the new learning portal style.
  • The two "Transform" activities are now configurable separately and are no longer linked.
  • The transliteration field has been removed on the Vocab Editing screen for Latin languages and the default size of the comment box has been expanded.
  • The "Transcribe It" activity has been overhauled:
    • Text & Audio can now be customized
    • New sentences can be added and any sentence can be removed
    • Added keyboard shortcuts to improve usability
    • Table now includes proper headers and labels
  • MP3 artifacts are now available to all authors (previously only available to Unrestricted user types)
  • The frequency filter of the Vocab Selection screen has been overhauled to show all items in order of frequency.
  • An authoring group can now be saved with only one author.