July/August 2020 Updates

Below you will find a list of recent updates that took place to the Education, Library, and Government products, as well as mobile apps.

Dates of release

  • Education Edition: July 29, 2020
  • Library Edition: August 4, 2020
  • Government Edition: August 12, 2020
  • Transparent Language mobile apps: August 10, 2020 (note: these app updates do not affect Government/CL-150 users)

Learning application

  • The application header and navigation has been redesigned and improved.
  • Support for Korean localization was added.
  • Transparent Language blogs and Word of the Day widgets now appear on the Resources screen as interactive widgets.
  • The Learned Vocab refresh system was improved, including:
    • Learned vocab can be deleted (and restored).
    • The algorithm for refreshing learned vocab has been improved to ensure recently added vocab items are seen more often.
    • If a user edits a learned vocab item to be a duplicate of another item, the user will be warned of the duplicate, and the total number of learned vocab items decreases if the user chooses to remove one of the duplicates.
    • When viewing learned vocab, the sound icon will change to a stop icon when a sound is playing.

Administrator portal

  • A header redesign allows gives admins a new 'portal switcher' where applicable, allowing users to easily switch between different portals they have access to.
  • Students enrolled in a class can automatically be added to a linked reporting group, making some administration tasks easier to manage.
  • The user interface for managing reporting groups was improved, including:
    • Users table for reporting groups will only have the Username and Actions columns visible by default.
    • When using the "add users to group" modal, admins can now search for users by username to add. (Library and Education editions only)
    • After performing a bulk action on selected users in reporting groups, the users will be unselected. This prevents issues where admins may not realize they still have users selected on other pages.

Transparent Language iOS and Android mobile applications

(Note: updates below do not apply to CL-150 mobile applications)

  • For both Android and iOS mobile apps, the login screen that a user sees when first opening the app has changed. Users can now log in to mobile apps with their username and password - no more having to enter a special synchronization code/mobile password!
  • “Transparent Language (Latest)” iOS mobile app name was changed to “Transparent Language (Online)”.
  • “Transparent Language (Classic)” iOS mobile app name was changed to “Transparent Language (Offline)”.