January & February 2021 Updates

Below you will find a list of recent updates that took place to the various Education, Library, and Government products.

Lesson Authoring/LessonGin

Dates of release
Government Edition: January 22, 2021
Library Edition: January 25, 2021
Education Edition: January 27, 2021

  • Topic cloud can now be manually configured
  • Enabled the use of system IME for all language, which will persist through all text fields in Lesson Gin
  • Added the ability for users to change the direction of their text to support the creating of mixed right-to-left & left-to-right lessons
  • The user can now specify feedback for correct answers in the Comprehension activities
  • Hints and Transliteration are now supported in Image Explorer (Locate It and Preview It)

Learning, Instructor, and Administrator applications

Dates of release
Library Edition: February 9, 2021
Education Edition: February 18, 2021
Government Edition: March 11, 2021

  • New users now have the option to use Transparent Language Online as a "guest" without creating a user account through the new Guest account option. (Education and Library editions only)
  • Various updates to the Instructor Portal, including:
    • The class content browser now specifies whether or not an assignment was already added to the class.
    • When cloning a class, instructors can now choose to clone class subscriptions into the new class.
  • Various improvement to the Admin Portal, including:
    • Accented characters can now be used in reporting group names.
    • When joining a reporting group, the Primary Language field for the group will also set the user's Main Language of Interest (if applicable).
    • Added a new, customizable Overview page for Reporting Groups (if enabled) where admins can see various stats on their group, such a goal status, proficiency, and test date status.
    • Admins can click sections on pie charts on the Reporting Group Overview page (if enabled) to be taken to the Users tab with the table filtered to the users the where included in that pie chart section.
    • New filtering options added to the Reporting Group Users table, including advanced scores filters, goal status filters, and test date status filters (if enabled).
    • Users can be added to Reporting Groups by email address, rather than just username. (Education and Library Editions only)
    • The status column in the Reporting Group Users and Class Users tables will now show whether a user is active or blocked. (Education and Library Editions only)


Dates of release
Library Edition: February 24, 2021
Education Edition: not yet released
Government Edition: not yet released

  • Guest account data has been added to a variety of reports, including Summary Report, Language Usage Report, Course Usage Report, KidSpeak Usage Report, Circulation Report, Database Report 1 (DB1), Database Report 2 (DB2) and Platform Report 1 (PR1). 
    • Note: available reports may vary based on your organization.