Importing existing content when creating vocab lessons

The Vocab Authoring tool allows you to import lessons from other sources. This feature can be handy if you already have vocabulary lists in one of the supported formats.

There are multiple files types that you can import:

  • .b4u and .b4x files produced by various Transparent Language programs
  • .xlsx files produced by Microsoft Excel
  • .docx files produced in Microsoft Word

If there are any conflicts with duplicate lesson names, you will be asked to resolve them before the lesson can be imported. Also, if an imported lesson has features that are not supported by this version of the Vocab Authoring tool, changes may be made during import. For example:

  • Imported lessons with more than 100 words or phrases will be split into multiple lessons.
  • Fields with more than 255 characters will be truncated.
  • Special formatting such as bold, underlined, italic, superscript, or subscript text will be changed to plain text.
  • Animated .gif files will be changed to still images.
  • Sound files or images that are too big will not be imported.

1. The first step is to open Vocab Authoring | CL-150 and click NEW LESSON

Step 1 image


Step 2 image

3. Click BROWSE and select the file for the lesson you would like to import

Step 3 image

4. Type in the name for the lesson

Step 4 image


Step 5 image


Step 6 image