How do I transfer my BYKI Deluxe 4 to a new computer?

To transfer Byki from one computer to another, you’ll first need to have Byki installed on both computers. If you do not have an installer available, you can contact to get one.

(Original Computer)

1. Go to “Options”->”My Learned Items Backup Settings”->”Backup Location”

2. Set the location to “Desktop”

3. Go to “File”->”Backup My Learned Items Now”

4. Take the .zip file that it created on your desktop and transfer it to your new computer

(New computer)

1. Place the .zip on your desktop

2. Open Byki and go to “File”->”Restore My Learned Items”->”From Specified File”

3. Click “Yes”, select “Desktop” and click “OK.

4. Proceed with the Restore

This will add all your lists and progress to the new computer from your old computer.