English resources and lesson plans

Transparent Language Online comes stocked with English courses for learners of all ages—and supporting documents to help you implement them!

Transparent Language Online includes English learning content for speakers of over 30 languages, as well as immersion-based English for Everyone lessons and courses. For educators, some of our English content includes an Instructor Handbook and/or Scope and Sequence to help you implement these courses in your classroom. Read on to see which courses have supporting documents at each level, as well as what other English courses are available!

Beginner English Courses

Elementary Conversations in English is a 3-level immersion course containing common topics, functional grammar, integrated culture, and everyday dialogues, all along a fun central storyline that connects the students’ lives with their English learning experience. The course focuses on facilitating natural conversations among students, their families, their teachers, and their friends. Each level contains 10 units. Each unit contains 2 lessons: one grammar-focused and one conversation- and culture-focused. The course includes 30 original reading passages (conversations, monologues, etc.), 30 sets of relevant, kid-appropriate grammar activities, and 18 cultural topics.
Elementary Vocabulary is a paired Spanish course for English learners – Ingles fundamental para hispanohablantes – designed to boost learners’ English vocabulary. This version includes 1,600 vocab items, divided into 5-6 vocab-focused lessons in each unit. Specifically designed for learners ages 6-11, this course covers things kids actually talk about, like meeting friends, school supplies, and birthday parties. Includes printable workbooks for students.

Intermediate English Courses

Low-Intermediate Conversations in English is a 27-unit immersion course focused on fun and practical spoken exchanges between adult characters living in the United States. Each conversation is supported with suggested vocabulary lessons in the course handbook and online grammar lessons which simultaneously summarize the conversation and tie in with the grammar and vocabulary focus for the unit. 

Advanced English Courses 

Advanced Conversations in English is an immersion course designed for high school students and professionals to explore business and medical topics with more complex texts, speech patterns, and cultural nuances. These courses can be used in the classroom or for independent study. Learners wishing to take the Advanced Conversations courses should have a working proficiency in English and have some relevant experience with business topics and concepts.

Other English content* in Transparent Language Online includes:

  • Alphabet course
  • Essentials course
  • Quick Start vocabulary
  • General Vocabulary
  • Business Vocabulary
  • Intermediate Conversations in English
  • Advanced Reading Lessons
  • Advanced Listening Lessons
  • English in Context
  • American Citizenship test prep course
  • Grammar resources 

*Note: content may vary by language pair. 

You can find all of these courses and lessons mentioned above by navigating to the "Browse" tab in Transparent Language Online.

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If you have additional questions or need assistance with any of the content in Transparent Language Online, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at edsales@transparent.com