December 18th, 2019 Update: Daily Goals and Streaks

What are Daily Goals?

Your daily learning goal is the minimum amount of time that you want to spend on language learning each day – though of course you can always do more! Transparent Language Online tracks your progress toward your learning goal by measuring the amount of time you spend on learning activities for any language or combination of languages each day.

What are Streaks?

Streaks are gained by completing your daily learning goal multiple days in a row. The program will track both your current streak and the longest streak you have ever achieved.

How can I learn more about Daily Goals and Streaks and how they work?

There are help files located in the History and Edit Goal windows that go into detail about the Daily Goals and Streaks.  For quick access, here are links to those help files:

On the main Learning page, there is a new panel located on the right-hand side of the page, that is devoted to Daily Goals and Streaks.

This panel will display your chosen daily learning goal, your progress towards that goal, and your current streak.  There are also buttons to access your learning history and to edit your daily learning goal.


Clicking this button will open a window with information on your learning history.

You will be able to view your current streak (in both a pie chart and text form), your longest streak, how many shields you have available, and a calendar showing your streaks, missed days, used shield days, etc.

Edit Goal:

Clicking this button will open a window that allows you to choose the amount of time that you want to set for a learning goal for the current day.

You select from any of the default options (any amount of time, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes) or choose your own amount.