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Connect Tutoring Monthly Subscription Policies

LAST UPDATED: November 23, 2022

The Transparent Connect Tutoring Monthly Subscription allows you to receive a certain number of tutoring sessions every month. Those tutoring sessions are subject to the following policies:

Subscription Cancellation/Modifications

You can cancel or modify your monthly subscription any time by emailing us at support@transparent.com.

After cancelling, you can still use your remaining sessions in the current month but will not be charged for or receive any future sessions beyond the current month. You will also no longer have access to your Transparent Language Online account after your last session.

Modifications to your subscription, such as increasing or decreasing the number of monthly sessions, will take effect in the next calendar month. You will then be billed monthly at the new subscription price that reflects your modifications.

Tutoring Session Policies

  • All tutoring sessions are one hour in duration. Sessions cannot be broken down into smaller parts (such as two 30-minute sessions), but you can schedule sessions consecutively to form longer sessions (such as schedule two sessions back-to-back for a two-hour session).
  • Tutoring hours must be used within a 30-day period following your initial purchase or monthly renewal. For example, if you purchased a subscription on the 15th of the month, you have 30 days from the 15th to use your monthly hours. Unused hours do not roll over to the following month. You can schedule your sessions as you see fit within the current month; for example, if you subscribe to four sessions per month, such as one session per week or four sessions within one single week.
  • If you need to reschedule a session, you must give your tutor at least 24 hours advanced notice, otherwise it will count as a used session. Sessions should be cancelled using the Bookings service used to schedule the session originally.
  • If you arrive to a session late, your tutor will wait for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, your tutor will cancel the session and it will count as a used session.
  • In the very unlikely event that your tutor does not arrive for a session, please leave after 10 minutes. You will not be charged for the hour and can reschedule your session.
  • Exceptions may be made in case of tech failures or medical emergencies, at the discretion of Transparent Language. We typically do not issue more than one make-up session per user; please email connect@transparent.com if you would like to request a make-up session.


  • Purchases of Transparent Connect Tutoring Subscriptions may be refunded during the first month. If you’re not satisfied with your tutoring experience, please email connect@transparent.com. If we cannot agree upon a resolution, we will refund 100% of the current month anytime during your first month. After your first month is completed, you may cancel your subscription anytime, but you cannot request a refund for past sessions.