CL-150 Connect: Tutoring Policies


Your first CL-150 Connect session is an orientation with your tutor, who will introduce you the CL-150 Platform, assess your proficiency, and assign your first tech lesson in the CL-150 Platform.

All following sessions consist of a CL-150 Platform lesson assigned by your tutor (to complete independently) followed by a live one-hour session with your tutor (preferably within a few days of completing the tech lesson.) 

All live tutoring sessions will adhere to the following policies:


If the student gives at least a 24-hour cancellation notice, there will be no deduction from the student’s count of available sessions remaining.

Late Cancellation

If a student is “no show” or cancels within less than 24-hour's notice, the session will be deducted from the student’s count of available sessions remaining, unless waived due to medical emergency, sudden illness, or other extreme personal circumstance, in which case documentation may be required.


Rescheduling of a session by either student or tutor should occur no later than 24 hours before the live lesson. Rescheduling must be agreed to by both. After two reschedules by a student, a third is considered a cancellation, the student’s count of sessions remaining is reduced by one, and a new session is scheduled.

Late Arrival by the Student

The live one-hour sessions with the tutor will take place on time as scheduled. If the student is late, the session will still end as scheduled. If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the tutor may close the session and the student will be considered “no show”.

Tech Issues or Late Arrival by the Tutor

Time spent resolving technical problems beyond the student’s control or waiting for the tutor will not be considered session time. The current session can be extended, a future session can be extended, or the current session can be cancelled but not deducted from the student’s count of sessions remaining. The student should wait a minimum of 5 minutes for the tutor.

Student Reminder near the Completion of the Program

Towards the end of their allotted tutoring sessions, the student will receive a reminder that the program is nearing an end as well as an invitation for renewal.