August, September, & October 2021 Updates

Below you will find a list of recent updates that took place to the various Education, Library, and Government products, as well as mobile applications.

iOS and Android mobile applications

Dates of release
"Transparent Language Online" Android app: August 2, 2021
"CL-150" Android app: August 2, 2021
"CL-150 (Latest Version)" iOS App: September 14, 2021
"Byki Mobile" iOS App: September 28, 2021 

  •  Updated Android apps on Google Play to version 1.3.2 
  • Applications can now be used in landscape orientation (Does not apply to Byki Mobile iOS app)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when learning imported lists with colored text (Byki Mobile iOS app only)

    Lesson Authoring/LessonGin

    Dates of release
    Library Edition: August 4, 2021 & September 10, 2021
    Government Edition
    : August 5, 2021 & September 13, 2021
    Education Edition: August 18, 2021 & September 15, 2021

    • Additional security features
    • Users can now assign a lesson to a class from within LessonGin
    • Co-Authors can now assign lessons to each other
    • Improvements to system IME functionality and retaining user selection throughout the application
    • Increased character count in "Words in Context" activity
    • "Paragraph Fill in the Blank" now has text entry fields in the Workbook PDF
    • Design overhaul of Activity Selection menu


    Dates of release
    Library Edition: release below not scheduled for this edition
    Education Edition: release below not scheduled for this edition
    Government Edition: August 26, 2021 and October 7, 2021

    • New "Monthly Cohort Data Report" on Government Edition
      • Report will only display Cohort Assignments, rather than all lesson activity
      • Corrected some punctuation that did not display correctly in Excel
      • Added a new .xlsx file when the report is generated
      • Replaced N/A with "Not Completed" in the End Date column
      • Updated the CSV fieldnames to match the other file outputs

    Learning, Instructor, and Administrator applications

    Dates of release
    Library Edition: September 30, 2021
    Education Edition: October 21, 2021
    Government Edition: October 7, 2021

    • Various updates the learning portal, including:
      • Removed support for IE11 (Internet Explorer 11)
      • The most recent Placement Test results in a language will now be stored as part of a user's profile, and will be accessible through the in the user's "certificates".
      • Better search result messaging was implemented to display a message to the user when an exact search result is not found.
      • When in "guest account" mode, users will no longer see the guest account notifications while using KidSpeak.
      • When looking for content in the "Browse" tab, if a user clicks their browser's back button, they will be taken to the last category they where viewing.
    • Various improvement to the Admin Portal, including:
      • Cosmetic changes to the Reporting Group user interface
      • New "Group Administrator" role is now available for admins to manage users within the groups they manage.
      • Admins can now search for existing barcodes in the available authentication methods.
      • When adding barcode authentication options, barcodes can now support a space in the criteria.
      • When admins import groups to a node, they can now optionally specify barcodes for barcode enrollment.
      • The "About" tab can now be turned on or off on the login screen.
      • The text above the barcode entry field on the "Sign-up" tab can now be customized.