April, May, & June 2021 Updates

Below you will find a list of recent updates that took place to the various Education, Library, and Government products, as well as mobile applications.

Lesson Authoring/LessonGin

Dates of release
Government Edition: April 26, 2021
Library Edition: April 15, 2021
Education Edition: April 19, 2021

  • Combined the Lesson & List Authoring tools into one location
  • Users can now author General (originally LessonGin/Lesson Authoring lessons) & Vocab Lessons from the new user interface
  • Users creating Vocab Lessons can import their draft lists using the new "Import from Legacy" feature

Learning, Instructor, and Administrator applications

Dates of release
Library Edition: June 10, 2021
Education Edition: June 24, 2021
Government Edition: June 17, 2021

  • Various updates the learning portal, including:
    • Minor updates to the design of the "Sign In" tab.
    • Minor updates to the "Mobile Access" pop-up.
    • Font and color consistency in the Browse descriptions.
    • File and YouTube assignments will display in the Learning Path, Browse, and Classes pages.
  • Various updates to the Instructor Portal, including:
    • The instructor portal has been redesigned
    • When adding an assignment to a class, the instructor will now be asked what type of assignment they want to add. 
    • Ability to create assignments out of files & YouTube videos for classes.
  • Various improvement to the Admin Portal, including
    • When adding barcode information for authentication, barcodes no longer have limited use option. Any existing limited use barcodes will be converted to standard barcodes.
    • Reporting groups can now be configured with enrollment barcodes. Any user that registers with a barcode that is also linked to a reporting group will be automatically enrolled in that reporting group.
    • When using the import users feature within node admins, you can now specify activation codes for users being imported.


Dates of release
Library Edition: June 8, 2021
Education Edition: June 16, 2021
Government Edition: June 21, 2021

  • Guest Account Report: Added a new report which will display information on the guests that are accessing the system. This will show the number of guest accounts, average session and learning time, and the number of guest conversions.
  • Added a new "Completion Date" field to the Class Activity Report and updated the logic for the Due Date field to be colored based on when the user completed the lesson.
  • Reworked the CSV outputs for a number of reports to allow more streamlined use of the CSVs in various other programs.

Transparent Language iOS mobile applications

Dates of release
"Transparent Language (Offline)" iOS app: June 10, 2021
"CL-150 (Limited OFL Version)" iOS app: June 9, 2021
"Transparent Language (Online)" iOS app: June 14, 2021
"CL-150 (Latest Version)" iOS app: June 14, 2021

  • New link to the Developer’s Privacy Policy on the app listing 
  • Updates to properly support "custom assignments" 
  • The newly-required App Privacy section of our app listing has been published. 
  • Offline support for Hands-Free Autoplay: If you don’t have an internet connection, you’ll be automatically taken to the Hands-Free Autoplay page within the app - still requires lessons to be downloaded before going offline.
    • Only affects Transparent Language (Online) and CL-150 (Latest Version) iOS apps