April 25, 2019 Update

Education Platform

Lesson Authoring

  • General changes
    • No more “locking” previous screens in the lesson editor! Allow for automatic updating of activity configurations with warnings to review when necessary.
    • Add standard shortcut functionality for text editing (e.g. CTRL+B for bold).
    • Added support to toggle a transliterated keyboard for supported languages.
    • Bugfix: Add back-end support so that lessons will still publish if the PDF generation fails.
  • Vocab editing
    • User can import vocab items from a B4X (proprietary file format) or XLSX (Excel).
    • While editing vocab, allow auto-generation of transliterations using Google’s transliteration service.
  • Activity configuration
    • Add support for new lines & paragraph breaks in the Slide Show activity.
    • Colors and font style formatting can now be imported from an XLSX into the Table activity.
    • Words In Context items are now generated from Vocab Editing instead of selection.
  • Published lesson
    • Learners can access the workbook PDF from within the lesson.
    • Learners can download a Text Translation PDF from within the lesson.