April 17, 2019 Update

Main Application 2.16

CL-150 Platform


  • When a user enters an email address into the system, the system checks for spelling errors against common email domains and may provide suggestions for fixes.
  • Bugfix: Users with invalid accounts will no longer continue receiving Daily Refresher emails or have access to the platform through emails already received.

Learning Portal

  • Users can now add and edit items in their learned vocab!
    • A user viewing their learned vocab can click an “Add Vocab” button to launch a vocab input screen. Items added by the user can have images, sounds, hints, alternative answers, transliterations, and comments. A user can also import vocab from spreadsheets or select them from pasted text. Translations and sounds can be automatically generated for new items.
    • A user can edit vocab items by selecting one or more of them and clicking “Edit” in the contextual menu.
  • The Classes and Cohorts Enrollment screen now offers easy, clickable links for enrolling in cohorts (the user no longer has to enroll with a code).
  • Add language selection to the Reporting screens, allowing easier input of self-reported time and faster running of My Activity and Journal Entry reports.
  • The application will automatically attempt to localize to the language of the user’s operating system unless the user has already chosen a localization.
  • Accessibility: Allow alerts that may appear at the top of the interface to be reached with the Tab button.
  • Bugfix: Flex (or LessonGin) lessons no longer appear completed if the assessment is incomplete.

Instructor Portal

  • While adding an assignment to a class, the system will show a loading spinner to indicate the interface is not frozen.

Reporting Admin

  • A reporting group created with an authorization code will automatically include new users associated with that code as they register.
  • New users are invited to reporting groups by username instead of by email address.