April 10, 2019 Update

CL-150 Platform

Lesson Authoring

Courseware 3.6.112
LessonGin 2.27

  • No more locking previous steps! Lesson authors can move freely back and forth between steps of lesson creation. The application will warn when conflicting changes have been made and offer solutions for resolution.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for text editing (e.g. Ctrl+B to toggle bold).
  • Supported languages now offer a transliterated keyboard.
  • Font style and color formatting can now be imported into the Table activity from an Excel file.
  • The lesson author can import vocab items from a B4X (proprietary file format) or Excel file.
  • When editing vocab items in supported languages, the application can automatically generate transliterations using a Google service.
  • The Slide Show activity supports new lines and paragraph breaks.
  • Learners can access companion workbook PDF files through the lesson interface.
  • A learner can generate a PDF of a filled-in Text Translation activity (presumably to be sent to an instructor for evaluation).
  • Bugfix: Lesson publishing will no longer halt if PDF generation fails.