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7000 Languages

7000 Languages is a 501(c)(3) public charity that makes world-class technology, donated by Transparent Language, available to language teams working with lesser-known and under-resourced languages.

Who is 7000 Languages?

7000 Languages creates free online language-learning courses in partnership with Indigenous, minority, and refugee communities so they can keep their languages alive.

More than 7000 languages are spoken worldwide... and nearly half of them are endangered. Each language itself is valuable.  But language revival is also linked to happier, healthier kids, advances in science, and more resilient communities.

When we protect a language, we aren’t just protecting words – we’re protecting a cultural identity and the well-being of its people.

For more information about 7000 Languages, visit Transparent Language or 7000.org.

What language content has been created through 7000 Languages?

  • Balinese
  • Behdini Kurdish
  • Benhti Kenaga
  • Cree
  • Dakota
  • Dakotah, Sisseton
  • Denaakk'e
  • Denesuline
  • Gwich'in
  • Hän
  • Holikachuck
  • Kaqchikel
  • Kituba
  • Koasati
  • Nahuatl
  • Oji-Cree
  • Ojibwe
  • Ojibwe, Central
  • Ojibwe, Northwestern

The material created by 7000 Partner organizations is made available to all Transparent Language Online subscribing public/academic libraries and educational institutions at no additional cost.  

Want more information?

For further information on 7000 Languages, please contact:
Alexa Little, Executive Director, 7000 Languages